Welcome to the Dimensional Insight Netherlands graph colour palette generator

This simple tool will allow you to generate 16 colours for DivePort data displays, optimise their order and export the relevant code for inserting into a skin.

Choosing colours
1. Simply double click on a bar to adjust its colour using the colour picker. Either enter RGB values, hex code or just select from the wheel.
2. You can also automatically fill a range of bars with a gradual transition from a Start colour to an End colour. Use the slider to select the number of bars.
3. Import an existing skin colour palette as a starting point.
4. Click on the 'rand' button for a random colour transition over the number of bars you define in the slider.

Ordering bars
Drag and drop the bars to get them in the desired order. You can reassign Start and End colours, or choose a random transition over this 'new' bar order.

The 'reset' button does just that, returning you to the starting bar order and colours. You will lose all your changes so to be safe, export your palette first.

Once happy, click on the 'export' button and copy the text into your DivePort skin.

Start colour
End colour
Nr of bars